I value this gorgeous planet we call home and as much as I'm not perfect; I do what I can to be as environmentally responsible as possible. I believe that making small changes in our lives can minimize our daily impact help us move forward as a whole.

- The single biggest contributor to global warming is the use of fossil fuels. That's why I try my hardest to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible by offsetting all my air travel to green initiatives (renewable energy, planting trees, etc.)
- I use an online paperless booking system
- All mail sent out is either reused or compostable packaging
- I reuse first and recycle second
- I do my best to support both local and sustainable businesses
- I compost obsessively (I love worms)
- No single use cups or plastic bottles here

I do my best in both my personal and professional life and get overly excited when others do the same. I am always happy to find ways to be better.

I value people, all people. I hate that this even has to be said, but I respect and am happy to work with any couple no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Love is Love!


Responsibility & Planet

Equality & Respect