Josh and Kirsty travelled to New Zealand from England and knew it was their home, so it was an easy decision to get married in Wanaka. They are truly the kindest, loveliest people I have had the pleasure to call friends and it was no surprise that their friends and family didn’t hesitate in coming to New Zealand to help them celebrate.

How great is Josh’s silicone wedding band?! Josh has such a good crew, everyone was so laid back and up for a laugh, and hey you know its going to be a good day when it starts with mini Jagers 😀

Last minute ironing using the world’s smallest iron! Take note of the normal size iron behind him, the miniature one seemed to be the better choice.

Josh and Kirsty chose to do a first look in the rose bushes at Station Park, it was such a lovely way for them to first see each other. As soon as Josh first saw his beautiful bride you could see any anxiety quickly slip away, it was all about each other and the moment and becoming man and wife, it was truly a special moment and I am so glad they chose to do a first look.

Wanaka has so many amazing locations to say “I do”, but I think Josh and Kirsty nailed it when they chose to wed under this massive sequoia tree in Station park.

After a quick lakeside photo session we arrived at The Venue in Wanaka, where Kirsty and Josh were surprised with a helicopter, ready to whisk them away to the top of Coromandel Peak, where they had it all to themselves!

Can you tell it was Josh’s first helicopter ride?!? Don’t worry he loved it 🙂

Kirsty and Josh held their reception at The Venue in Wanaka, which is a great place to dance the night away! Best wedding gift award goes to their mate Corey, who made this epic Jenga set! He made it all by hand!!

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