These two gorgeous humans are truly the kindest loveliest people you will meet! They moved to Queenstown all the way from England and fell in love with it’s beauty, when they decided not only was this where they would make their life but also where they would wed, it was a must to get up into the Remarkable mountain range for their engagement photos!

Windy point is a favourite location to be able to look down on Queenstown as well as take in that epic view, but they call it Windy point for a reason!

We decided to head a little higher as the evening sun was lighting up Ben Lomond mountain so beautifully. We had a wee bit of climbing and scrambling to do to get to our next destination and due to this the quote of the day quickly became “embrace your inner mountain goat”

Seriously Josh and Kirsty were so much fun and I had a blast adventuring around with these cuties! Stay tuned for their wedding.

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