Tim and Lisa decided came to Queenstown from Brisbane, just them and their closest 4 friends. This was both Tim and Lisa’s second wedding so no fan fare was needed, it was more important to truly celebrate their love as a couple as well as celebrate the amazing close friends they have that are truly family to them.

When I met up with them a couple days before their wedding we discussed the weather and how it was forecasted to snow. I told them the chances were slim, as it was only mid may after all, and most likely there will be some snow on the hills, which will look lovely in photos, but that’s all it will be, nothing in town! Surprise, surprise when we all woke up in the morning to see a good 10 or so cm’s of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. Luckily it didn’t stop their big day from happening, in fact it made it even more special, like they were getting married in their own perfect little snow globe!

Tim and Lisa wed in the small chapel at Stoneridge estate, by the lovely Jody, with their 4 closest friends. They had beautiful live acoustic music by another friend that played music special to them. This wedding was brilliantly relaxed, yet every detail was perfect and all in the stillness of a snow storm, it could not have been a more perfect day. Despite the cold snow outside their was so much warmth from their love for one another, with plenty of bear hugs to prove it, their personal vows were so touching and moving, there was not a dry eye in the place. Lisa wore a stunning navy gown that was so perfect against the white snow and really proved that intimate winter elopements are always a good decision!