Rich and Janey are such a beautiful, kind lovely couple. They are the truly, ridiculously happy in love, seriously I don’t think I have ever seen them without a smile on their face and love in their eyes. When we were talking about doing a photo shoot they decided they wanted some pine trees, because they have always said if they could only live in one environment for the rest of their lives it would be in the forest, so out into the forest we went!

While we were enjoying the beautiful golden glow in Jardine park, a lady and her cat came by on their evening walk. Yep you read that right, she was walking her cat, he was out for a walk as if he was a dog, but the full attitude of a cat, funniest thing!

Rich had a custom made yellow sapphire ring made just for Janey, it is one of the most beautiful rings I have seen. Claire at Goldfields Jewellery in Queenstown did such an amazing job with this sapphire I couldn’t help but take a couple photos showing it off.

Rich had a quick change and then somehow his keys got locked in the car 🙁 Luckily Rich’s best friend came to the rescue with a wire coat hanger to fish the keys off the front seat. While we waited we had some fun in front of these perfectly green pine trees.

Luckily we didn’t miss the sunset, and after the keys were rescued we went around the corner to enjoy the beautiful pink sunset and the stunning Remarkable range.

Thanks for letting me capture this moment for you!

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